January 24, 2020

INSPERIENCE is back in 2020 – Meet Us


March 3, 2020

Due to the developments around COVID-19 the INSPERIENCE is postponed to autumn 2020. We’ll keep you posted about the new date. If you planned to visit us in March, we encourage you to request a demo or to reach out directly via info@cancom-softwaregroup.com. We look forward talking to you soon! Stay safe & all the best.

Meet the CANCOM Software Group Team at INSPERIENCE Expo & Conference 2020

Eisbach Studios Munich, March 18-19.

The topics around the Digital Transformation are numerous. Fortunately, every topic is presented at one event platform at the INSPERIENCE Expo & Conference. Experience the latest innovations, be inspired by practical use cases and discover real added values for your business.

With our cloud based portal AHP, CANCOM Software Group provides a ONE touchpoint simplicity for IT and business users to enable and orchestrate modern work. All the way from managing and controlling IT to ensuring business productivity and great user experience.

Run business apps on various devices, desktops and from any infrastructure.

Learn more and meet us at the CANCOM Software Group booth in the Digital Workspace area
(IT Transformation Hall).

And don´t miss our

Breakout Session on March 19, 2020 at 1:30 p.m.:
Orchestrieren Sie Ihre IT – von Cloud bis App – mit den neuen Features der AHP”

Looking forward to meeting you at INSPERIENCE2020!

The Orchestration Enthusiasts